About Glutaweiß

Founder of Glutaweiß Cosmetics Private Limited, Kaz Lalani discovered the natural & miraculous abilities of Glutathione during one of his many international trips. Having travelled across the Globe, to around 13 countries a year, he started to notice the importance of maintaining skin health.

He also noticed the differences in cultures within communities – where most come together in a search for fair and clear skin.

As time went on, he found his skin to become more pigmented and darker, travelling through the various environments which can damage the skin, and having been exposed to harmful sunrays, pollution and harmful UV’s – he noticed that his skin was rapidly becoming duller, darker and less youthful.

Like any person, he immediately sought out a product that could combat these effects and restore his color and tone back to what it once was.

What he found was most shocking: The majority of fairness and whitening creams contained bleaches and acids!

Reminiscent of the sad stories of acid face-scrubbing in uneducated societies– he wondered why in such an advanced age – people would still resort to applying harmful chemicals and acids to their skin for beautification or skin rejuvenation – when bleach and acids strip away at the skins epidermis and healthy cells.

This led him down the road of scientific research; over the next 4 years, Kaz Lalani would focus wholly on the best and most effective natural ingredients and actives available and would combine and modify formulas until he created a product that he could use on himself.

Specially formulated for Asian skin and Swiss Engineered by Switzerland’s pioneering lab, Naturalps – Kaz Lalani had his mindset on something unknown to the Asian market: A Natural Brightening Cream with no side effects, no harm caused, no parabens, acids or bleaches and no animal testing.

Combining the best ingredients and actives from China, Japan, Canada & Switzerland with an Ayurveda approach, he had created a product range that rapidly changed his skins health, colouring, tone and in turn, his lifestyle and confidence.