About Us

Founder of Glutaweis, Kas Lalani discovered the natural & miraculous abilities of Glutathione during one of his many international trips. Having travelled across the Globe, to around 13 countries a year, he started to notice the importance of maintaining skin health.

He also noticed the differences in cultures within communities – where most come together in a search for radiant and clear skin.

As time went on, he found his skin to become more pigmented and darker, travelling through the various environments which can damage the skin, and having been exposed to harmful sun rays, pollution and harmful UV’s – he noticed that his skin was rapidly becoming duller, darker and less youthful.

Like any person, he immediately sought out a product that could combat these effects and restore his color and tone back to what it once was.

What he found was most shocking: The majority of depigmentation and radiance creams contained bleaches and acids!

Reminiscent of the sad stories of acid face-scrubbing in uneducated societies– he wondered why in such an advanced age – people would still resort to applying harmful chemicals and acids to their skin for beautification or skin rejuvenation – when bleach and acids strip away at the skin’s epidermis and healthy cells.

This led him down the road of scientific research; over the next 6 years, Kas would focus wholly on the best and most effective natural ingredients and actives available and would combine and modify formulas until he created a product that he could use on himself.

Specially formulated for all skin types and Swiss Engineered by Switzerland’s pioneering lab, Naturalps – Kas had his mindset on creating something of uncompromising value and benefit; with no side effects, no harm caused, no parabens, acids or bleaches and no animal testing.

Combining the best ingredients and actives from Switzerland, Korea, Japan and the Canadian Prairies with an Ayurvedic approach, he had created a product range that rapidly changed his skin’s health, radiance, tone and in turn, his lifestyle and confidence.

Our Glutaweiß Promise

At Glutaweis we are strictly against bleaching agents, acids, sulphates – and of course animal testing!

With a conscious approach to skincare, our Swiss formula enhances the quality of your skin’s health while naturally protecting it from the constant exposure to harmful radiation & chemical pollutants.

Our brightening skincare range is rich in essential multi-vitamins & the best active ingredients from around the world which work alongside Glutathione, the “master antioxidant” to deliver the perfect result.
(Our Glutaweiß Ingredients)

Glutaweiß is committed to natural alternatives that enhance the health, even tone and luminosity of skin while reducing melanin build-up.

Thus we use only the purest natural ingredients to give you the healthy dewy complexion you so deeply desire!

What Makes Glutaweiß The Best?

At Glutaweiß we combine natural actives with specialist ingredients to create the ultimate product for intense radiance while improving the general health and quality of the skin.

With our strong knowledge in premium natural formulation, we have ensured maximum effect, safety & benefit by stringently testing our products in Swiss Labs under the Swiss Cosmetic Quality Standards.

We include more actives than any cosmetic company, combining the best from around the world and harnessing the potential of new innovations and discoveries. Where 90% of cosmetic companies build their product around a single active, we combine up to seven to ensure we provide the conscious care that you deserve.

Swiss-Engineered For Indian Skin

Melanocytes are tiny cells which result in the production of Melanin in the body. The rise of melanin results in increased pigmentation which in turn damages your skin at the cellular level. This makes it more vulnerable to various kinds of problems and diseases. Indian Skin has much higher levels of Melanin than Caucasian Skin; this is why Western beauty products are not suitable or ‘as effective’ on Indian Skin as they would have been if used in their domestic countries. Due to its higher levels of Melanin, Indian Skin is more prone to develop Hyperpigmentation, Melasma or Melanoma related skin diseases if not treated uniquely.

The modern Indian lifestyle is demanding and fast-paced. Half a Mumbaikars’ day is either spent thinking about, avoiding or being caught in traffic. This ‘daily-rush’ is something which we have all adapted to in our lives. Why then is this not reflected in the beauty and skin care traditions we adopt from the West? Who has the time to carry around and apply a full bag of skincare products? At Glutaweis we have made things simple - with products that are to be used in the Day & the Night, for constant nourishment and repair of your skin – so you can care more, carry-less.

Western beauty products and cosmetics are not designed with the Indian environment in mind. They don’t protect skin in the constant switching between blistering heat and air conditioned interiors, or the terribly humid summers and dry winters that we experience – nor the smog, pollution, road dust and cigarette smoke that engulfs our environment. Indian Skin is as different as the conditions it battles daily and this means that the skincare routine we choose to adopt must recognise this.

A selection of Mumbai based men and women having different skin-types participated in an experiment to test the effects of usage of the Glutaweis Radiance Range (The Glutathione Face Serum, Face Cream and Foaming Cleanser). The age of the participants varied from 18 years to 46 years with average age being 27 years. The products were dermatologically tested on Indian Skin and found to be “Non-Irritant” based on IS 4011:2018 and “Suitable for Sensitive Skin”and “All Skin Types.”


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