Our journey in skincare and radiance began as an obsessive search for effective cosmetics products. It was a personal quest.

We were looking for the exceptional. In pursuit of a wholesome skin care solution, we went to trade fairs, forums, and expos, covering hundreds of companies. Several years later, still dissatisfied, we found ourselves attempting to create the ideal skin care product, far ahead of anything we had ever seen.

The Journey To Glutaweis

We researched with the best, future-ready doctors, dermatologists, scientists, botanists, biochemists, and cosmetic engineers for nearly 6 years.
We travelled the world to pick the best possible natural ingredients, ever.
We chose Glutathione for skin as the centre-piece of our formulations. Thus, our Glutathione products were born and that’s where Glutaweis origin lies.


Natural. Powerful. Radiant.


Glutathione is the ultimate master antioxidant known to man and perhaps the world’s best-kept skincare secret.

Glutathione is perfect for on-skin application since it is already made by the human body and integrates ever so naturally into the skin. It has the ability to provide greater radiance, elasticity, and tone. It is the most powerful nourishment you can offer your skin. So why doesn’t everyone use it?

Because Glutathione requires expertise that few can claim.

Originating the Formula
in Switzerland

Glutaweis origins lie in Naturalps, one of the finest, award-winning Swiss labs for innovative formulations. Our goal was to refine Glutathione and our chosen ingredients even further, so we could deliver their benefits with remarkable efficiency.

Glutaweis natural ingredients include 17 advanced actives across the Radiance Range, including Swiss Glacial Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Pentavitin, Rumex, Green Tea, Vitamin A, B, C, and E, to name a few. Every kind of skin nourishment has been provided. It is delivered with ease, panache, and conscious care on the skin. We are an indulgent, one-stop, skin enthusiast’s brand.

Thus was born Glutaweis
Gluta | Nature’s Master Antioxidant Glutathione.
Weiß | Wise. Beyond colours. To know something keenly.

We are proud of our results and the way we have extracted the benefits of Glutathione for skin. Safe and light, yet powerful, our formulations are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. They work for everyone, just like all good things in nature.

What the Dermatologist says

#ConsciousCare With Glutaweis Natural Ingredients

No Bleach, No Acids, No Parabens, No Sulphates, Animal Cruelty-Free, All Vegan Products

Glutaweis Cosmetic
Glutaweis Glutathione

Dermatologically Tested

Glutaweis Radiance

Animal Cruelty Free

Glutaweis Glutathione


Glutaweis Cosmetic
Glutaweis Radiance

Acid and Bleach Free

Glutaweis Radiance

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Glutaweis Glutathione

All Skin Types