ActiveWhite is a non-animal, non-GMO, gluten & paraben free multifunctional active which evens skin tone for a healthier looking complexion. This product visibly lightens skin in 4 weeks and reduces dull appearance for brighter skin

Despite the popularity of kojic acid, skincare experts have found that Activewhite is more potent (yet gentle to the skin) as a natural active than the acid based active – Kojic Acid, which strips at the skins epidermis.

Activewhite is a skin-lightening, water-soluble ingredient that inhibits melanosome maturation and cancels melanin synthesis. In doing so, the skin lightens over time, eliminating dark spots and skin pigmentation and perfecting the skin’s complexion. It also protects and supports skin health with potent antioxidants and calming oat oligopeptides.

This ingredient has undergone two all-inclusive clinical studies (in vitro and in vivo study), gauging its lightening efficacy and anti-age spot effect. The study consisted of 25 and 26 Asian female volunteers between 18-70 years old and between 18-45 years old, respectively, with different skin types. The first group of volunteers were used as subjects to determining the age spot reduction effect while the other 26 females were for determining the chemical’s lightening efficacy.

Results of the Study:

  • After 14 days, age spots are significantly lighter – .
  • After 2 months, 80% of the women involved in the study noticed significant age spot reduction.
  • After 56 days, age spots became hardly visible and skin complexion is more homogenous.
  • Activewhite does not cause cutaneous irritation and is well tolerated by all skin types.
  • More drastic reduction of tyrosinase activity compared to kojic acid.
  • Significant reduction of melanin production.


Vitamin C’s gleaming reputation in the fast-paced cosmetic world remains untouched and undisputed due to its efficacy. In the course of skincare, the vitamin has been long recognized by its essential role in keeping skin elastic and radiant. This eventuated to the proliferation of Vitamin C production over the years in many forms: pills, extracts, supplements, and powders.

As new natural extracts and compounds sprouted through scientific innovations, ascorbic-acid-based products have continued to compete successfully in the cosmetic market. Yet, research studies surrounding Vitamin C continues to advance. The latest discovery of cosmetic scientists today is Mandarinclear.

Mandarinclear is a powerful, deep-nourishing, 100% natural extract (from Ponkan) that brings back the skin’s healthy glow.

How Mandarinclear Works
Mandarinclear’s main function in the skin involves fortifying desmoplakin and enhancing caspase-14’s proliferation and performance. These two proteins are essential in keeping the skin strong, elastic, and moisturized.

Here’s a detailed explanation on how skin benefits from the mandarin extract:

On Desmoplakin – by improving desmoplakin’s strength and promoting better function, the skin becomes smoother and elastic, enabling light to reflect on it. This is the secret to luminous and glowing skin. Desmoplakin links the inner and outer side of the cells so that the cells maintain their structural integrity. Also, one of its function in the epidermis is it regulates keratin filament distribution.

On Caspase-14 – Mandarinclear boosts caspase-14 proliferation and performance. Caspase-14 is a protein involved in aggregating keratin and boosting its flexibility. Also, it encourages the production of Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). All that stated, the skin’s ability to ward off infections is amplified by mandarinclear while leaving it with a healthy gleam.

Other Benefits (Recorded Results from In Vivo Study):

  • Improved elasticity
  • Reduced skin flakiness
  • Skin looks luminous


Dry skin or skin that has lost its vitality is prone to cellular skin damage that eventually become visible as blemishes. This is the ultimate reason why it is important to keep the skin moisturized throughout the day. Moisturizers are essential skincare products that keep those skin damages at bay.

Yet, factors such as environmental conditions challenge the efficacy of moisturizing creams and gels produced by international brands, proving them effective only for a short period of time. Fortunately, skin experts came across Pentavitin – the true hydration artist.

Pentavitin is a skin-loving, natural ingredient that hydrates skin deeply without leaving a sticky or oily sensation. It generates moisture reservoir that binds to the skin so that the skin stays hydrated up to 72 hours even after washing. According to a test result, there was an undeniable reduction of itchiness due to dry skin, an improved texture, and a drastic reduction of skin flakiness.

Reasons to use Pentavitin

  • It is a lightweight formula and does not leave a feeling of tightness, burning, itchiness, and un-comfortability.
  • Deeply penetrates to the skin, giving it an ultra-hydration effect.
  • Not only does it provide moisture to the skin, but also keeps skin moisturized throughout the day.
  • Does not compromise to environmental conditions
  • It is 100% natural (a derivative from a plant).
  • It works on all skin types.
  • Results are quick and long-lasting (up 72 hours from last application).
  • Makes skin more elastic.
  • Skin’s surface becomes visibly smoother after four weeks of application, (use twice daily).
  • Skin stays hydrated even after many times of washing off.
  • Reduces skin flakiness.


The cosmetic industry has long witnessed revolutionary products since the discovery of kojic acid. In fact, this chemical has become the key ingredient of many products produced by leading cosmetic brands. It was almost believed to be the best skin lightening chemical until the discovery of dermawhite.

How the Skin Benefits from Using Dermawhite?

  • Dermawhite inhibits 90% melanin synthesis –
  • Corrects skin discolorations faster than kojic-acid-based products.
  • Significant brightening and luminescence effects after two weeks of use.
  • Keeps skin moisturized and elastic.

Why Use Dermawhite Products?

It comes with no surprise why dermawhite is gaining rapid traction in the cosmetic industry, outpacing other skin whitening products. Here are other reasons why beauty enthusiasts and aestheticians are recommending dermawhite:

  • It is a super brightening compound with clinically proven results.
  • It does not compromise the skin’s health condition.
  • It offers a safe-brightening process with no bleaching formula.
  • It promotes a fast skin-absorption process as it is water-soluble.
  • Panelist satisfaction was found to be 3 times more effective than kojic acid and other brightening products.

Green Tea

Green tea promotes skin health benefits that range from oil control to preventing skin cancer

The Science behind the Wonders of Green Tea

Potential Natural Prevention for Skin Cancer – a study conducted by researchers from the University of Alabama discovered that green tea poly phenols significantly reduced immunosuppression from UV radiation and encouraged faster repair of damaged DNA. This explains the decreased risk of skin cancer.

As the study progressed, it was later found out these poly phenols stimulated the levels of nucleotide excision repair genes, resulting in boosted DNA repair. However, more studies have to be conducted to arrive at a definite conclusion about green tea having anticarcinogenic activity.

  • Fighting Premature Aging – signs of aging manifest as skin is constantly exposed to free radicals. Free radicals do so much harm to the healthy skin cells that skin conditions may become irreversible. Green tea contains a powerful antioxidant to keep skin protected.
  • Controls Natural Oil Production – green tea has biomolecules that act as natural astringent compounds called tannins. Tannins remove excess dirt and oil and shrink the pores. Astringents not only remove excess oil but regulates sebum production so that the skin isn’t too dry or too oily.
  • Treating Acne – the antibacterial properties in the green tea destroy the pimple-causing bacteria to the roots, unclogging the pores in the process. Aside from that, the green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties minimize the look of swollen pimples.
  • Reducing Puffiness – green tea is known to have a moderate amount of caffeine, tannins, and flavonoids. Caffeine constricts the blood vessels, reducing puffiness around the eyes. Flavonoids and tannin, on the other hand, have anti-inflammatory effects which further alleviate the swelling while drawing out the fluid-causing puffiness.

Lecithin Enriched Swiss Glacial Water

Having a well-moisturized face is the hallmark of ideal skin. Yet, extreme weathers and other inevitable environmental skin stressors pose a threat to this ideal.

Hardships in research studies concerning moisturizers were met, and the production of moisturizers have become far too complex yet always missing the mark. Fortunately, the once unending search for the true hydration secret have finally come to a definite stop – cosmetic scientists discovered Swiss Glacier Water.

Lipobelle Glacier is a liposomal preparation that carries the active ingredient Swiss glacier water. The ingredient deeply penetrates through the layers of the epidermis to ensure a lasting, ultra-hydration effect. Moreover, the glacier water is a Cosmetic Organic and Natural Standard (COSMOS) approved light-weight formula that leaves skin looking radiantly pure and feeling fresh – the feel of Swiss freshness).

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a NATURAL substance which the body produces. Contrary to its name, it is not a form of acid. Considerable amounts of it are found in the skin and functions by retaining water to keep skin moisturized. However, being exposed to UV rays, tobacco smoke, smog, and air pollution curtails the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin and therefore speeds up the skin aging process. This event impelled skincare experts to add this natural ingredient to a range of skin products and test its efficacy.

A group of researchers discovered that hyaluronic acid in topical skincare products have significantly reduced the depth of wrinkles up to 40%, increased drastically skin moisture up to 90%, and enhanced sharply skin firmness and elasticity up to 5%. Noticeable improvements began showing after 2 weeks of using products containing the active ingredient. The researchers arrived at the aforementioned figures by the end of the eighth week of product usage. Hyaluronic Acid maintains skin hydration, it is said to drip feed the skin moisture required for healthy and radiant skin throughout the day.


Rumex is known for natural skin brightening, extracted from the field dock plant which it is named after, this dock plant is native to the prairies of northern Canada, and the active ingredient is most useful in decreasing the formation of unwanted pigmentation. It is a natural and powerful extract that inhibits tyrosinase enzymatic activity, a core enzyme involved in the formation of pigments and skin discoloration. This natural ingredient has undergone radical clinical trials. Researchers found there is no harmful effects to the skin, and it is reported to be completely safe, natural and highly effective. Other studies resulted in the discovery of its ability to reduce signs of aging and lighten skin.

Your skin colour is a result of your body’s melanin levels. Melanin is a pigment developed in melanocyte cells. When the skin is exposed to sunlight, these cells increase their melanin production, often resulting in darkening of the skin in the form of so-called “age spots” or even “liver spots.”

Rumex has been found to be more effective than other skin-brightening agents, including turmeric, arbutin and hydroquinone, as it produces results in up to three weeks for most people.


NanoWhite is a liposomal preparation combining powerful whitening ingredients with antioxidants for a strong brightening effect. These liposomes are loaded with arbutin to inhibit tyrosinase activity combined with antioxidants in a vitamin C, E and F complex. This product is a safe yet powerful brightening ingredient ideal to reduce and prevent pigmentation disorders. It rapidly reduces melanin synthesis, for a luminous, even skin tone.

It also has great anti-aging benefits which provide the skin with a uniform tone and a radiant & luminous complexion.


Garden cress (Lepidium sativum) is an aromatic and slightly pungent, edible herb. Cultivation of this species, which is native to Persia and spread many centuries ago to Western Europe have deep roots in healing practices for calming ailments and irritations.

The sprouts of this fast growing plant have the highest concentration of phytonutrients, the compounds in plants known for their health promoting properties.

SulforaWhite is a liposomal preparation of Swiss garden cress sprouts that is rich in sulforaphane, a powerful antioxidant phytonutrient which effectively inhibits pigmentation by targeting the two key reaction steps in the melanin cascade: it not only neutralizes reactive oxygen species but also inhibits α-MSH, a natural hormone which stimulates skin pigmentation.

SulforaWhite reduces the effects of daytime stressors and helps to prevent the formation of melanin for a brighter, more luminous skin complexion.

SulforaWhite showed maximum brightening effect when combined with NanoWhite.


Papaya is loaded with powerful skin-essential nutrients that perfectly rejuvenate a lifeless-looking skin: vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, amino acids, antioxidants, papain, and other skin-loving enzymes.

These skin-perfecting nutrients grant skin a natural brightening effect at the same time keeping it taut. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, making skin smoother, softer, and supple. Vitamin A, on the other hand, encourages the skin cell renewal process while the papain has a natural exfoliation effect to rid dead skin cells while brightening the new ones.

​These fresh cells are further nourished by Vitamin B and are protected by the papaya’s antioxidant properties to make the youthful glow lasting and far from being harmed. This is no wonder why Papaya extracts are a major hype in the cosmetic world. Its natural extracts prove more than what they are capable of in the course of skincare according to billions of papaya skincare advocates worldwide.

Red Algae

Red Algae Red algae extract is an exceptional option to achieve healthier skin without using harsh chemicals or additives that cause irritation. This family of algae contains a healthy dose of sugars, amino acids, and trace minerals, along with significant amounts of antioxidants and other essential nutrients.

If you are tired of clogged and darkened pores, red algae are an excellent solution to help open up these areas and release the toxins causing irritation and breakouts.

This family of algae works to cleanse, hydrate, and refresh your skin, digging deep into the pores to eradicate excess oil and clean out dead skin cells. The combination of oil and dead skin cells clogging your pores will lead to blackheads and breakouts, so gently removing these toxins from your skin is imperative. Additionally, the antibacterial and antioxidant properties contained in these algae are ideal for cleansing and healing skin that is inflamed or afflicted with acne. As your skin ages, your collagen stores begin to lessen, causing your skin to develop wrinkles, form fine lines, and lose its elasticity. The natural aging process combined with the environmental toxins of damaging free radicals can really do a number on your skin. Red algae are an effective aid to hinder the reduction of collagen stores, enabling you to maintain more youthful, plump skin. Whether your skin is beginning to wrinkle because of the natural aging process or has retained damage from too much time spent in the sun, this impressive family of algae is there to help.