Swiss Clinically Tested

At Glutaweiß we combine natural actives with specialist ingredients to create the ultimate product for intense whitening while improving the general health and quality of the skin.

With our strong knowledge in premium natural formulation, we have ensured maximum effect, safety & benefit by stringently testing our products in Swiss Labs under the Swiss Cosmetic Quality Standards.

We have carried out the following tests to ensure premium quality of the product.

Stability Test
Stability Tests for cosmetics ensured that our product maintains its intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality and properties, as well as its functionality and aesthetics when stored under suitable conditions.

Compatability Test  
Compatibility between the packaging and its contents has been investigated to ensure that there will be no quality problems introduced by the type of packaging material used

Challenge Test
The Challenge Test is to assess the robustness of Glutaweiß products against microbial contamination, we have submitted our product range to ensure maximum preservation.