The One & Only

“The One & Only” is our main-feature Luxury Hamper. It overflows with Artisan Chocolates, Cookies, and best of all – Swiss Luxury Skincare Products, with the Glutaweiß Glutathione Facial Activator, Glutathione Face Cream & a ‘His & Her’s’ set of Facial Cleansers – for the perfect couple!

Guaranteed to put a smile on your partner’s face! This perfect set of products repairs, heals and brightens the skin dramatically in just 20 days with the Glutaweiß Glutathione Foaming Cleanser, Facial Activator & Face Cream you have the full benefits of 13 of the best International Actives from Korea, Switzerland, China & The Canadian Prairies and Vitamins A, B, C& E.

You have never experienced Swiss Luxury until you have experienced

“The One & Only” – Glutaweiß Brightening Range with your loved one!

$ 329.18



2 x Glutaweiß Glutathione Foaming Cleanser
1 x Glutaweiß Glutathione Facial Activator
1 x Glutaweiß Glutathione Face Cream
1 x Artisan Chocolate Box
1 X Artisan Chocolate Pouch
2 x Handcrafted Luxury GiantMilk Chocolate Hearts
2 x Handcrafted Luxury Milk Chocolate Hearts
6 x Handcrafted Luxury Small Milk Chocolate Hearts
4 x Romantic Rose Scented Candles
Customization available upon request.

Each Hamper comes Hand-crafted on a bed of flowers and Romantic red roses.

For more information on the Glutaweiß Brightening Kit.

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