The Special One

“The Special One” contains our most popular Glutaweiß product amongst women & men!

The Glutathione Foaming Cleanser is the perfect gift for anyone as it perfectly exfoliates dead skin with a silicone applicator and removes bacteria build up leaving you with fresher, brighter skin with Glutathione and Vitamins A, B & C.

“The Special One” is the ideal gift for a loved one, with its innovative design and amazing benefits – it’s something to experience and cherish.

$ 65.84



1 Glutaweiß Glutathione Foaming Cleanser
4 Handcrafted Luxury Chocolate hearts
1 Box of Luxury Assorted chocolates
2 Romantic Rose Scented Candles

Each Hamper comes Hand-crafted on a bed of flowers and Romantic red roses.

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