GLUTATHIONE Facial Activator

With Glutathione, Vitamins B, C, E, and Mandarin extracts; the face and neck get the intense hydration and advanced multi-vitamin treatment it needs to ensure the deep-penetration of the epidermis.

The Facial activator is best used after facial cleansing, use the Glutathione Foaming Wash with the Glutathione Facial Activator as part of your daily skincare routine for maximum effect.

GLUTATHIONE Foaming Cleanser

Glutathione Foaming Cleanser lightens and brightens the face and neck through its multi-vitamin treatment, while the exfoliating brush actively breaks down the buildup of dirt and grease as well as dead skin.

The foaming cleanser leaves your skin fresh and visibly healthier by tackling the buildup of pigmentation and grease in the hard-to-reach creases, lines and dents which showcase our experience.

The Glutathione Foaming Cleanser is best used as the first step of your daily skincare routine and should be used up to twice daily. Once in the morning and once in the evening, before applying the Facial Activator.

GLUTATHIONE Whitening Cream

Glutathione whitening cream contains special vitamins B, C and E with Glutathione, which enrich and protect the skin from harmful pollution and UV-rays. Glutathione whitening cream hydrates the skins while it forms a defensive barrier to protect you from free-radicals, smog, cigarette smoke, andair pollution – which cause the skin daily damage.

 The Glutathione Whitening Cream is best used after applying the Facial Activator, it acts an intense whitening cream as well as an SPF sun cream which keeps your skin protected during your lightening treatment.