Glutaweis Terms And Conditions

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Glutaweis Cosmetics Pvt Ltd. provides you with the content and services available on this website, subject to the Glutaweis Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Payment Policy, and other conditions and policies which you may find throughout our website, in connection with certain functionality, features, or promotions, as well as customer service, all of which are deemed a part of and included within these terms and conditions (collectively, “Terms and Conditions”). By accessing or using this website, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and you agree, without limitation or qualification, to be bound by the Glutaweis Terms and Conditions.


The customer hereby agrees to the following terms & conditions at (Glutaweis Cosmetics Private Limited):

  1. Pre-order (booking) does not ensure as order confirmation.
  2. Pre-order amount will be Rs.750/- (Rupees Seven Hundred and Fifty only) which will be adjusted in final invoice value. Balance amount shall be paid by the customer at the time of product launch or within any stipulated timeframe. The customer is entitled to 5% discount as an early bird offer at the time of making balance payment.
  3. Pre-order enables you to get an allocation on priority; however, Pre-order does not guarantee for availability of product or that the customer will receive the preferred product on the day of the launch or within any stipulated timeframe.
  4. Post allocation the purchase transaction should be completed immediately or within 24 hours. In case of non-payment, the pre-order (booking) can be cancelled at the sole discretion of Glutaweis.
  5. Delivery shall be arranged at various locations within India on first come first serve basis, subject to availability.
  6. The offers available on pre-ordered product may be revised or withdrawn without any prior notice. Offers will be valid for a limited time period and continue till stocks last.
  7. Glutaweis is not liable in any way to provide the pre-ordered product, due to non-availability.
  8. In order to cancel this pre-order (booking) prior to allocation of the product or shipping of the product, customer needs to submit a written cancellation request. On receipt of the cancellation request Glutaweis will refund the advance amount which shall be processed within 8-10 working days (excluding Sundays and holidays), via same mode of payment. After the pre-order order has been delivered, the product return and refund process is the same as normal orders.
  9. If Glutaweis is not able to supply the product as per customer’s preference then refund of advance amount shall be processed within 8-10 working days (excluding Sundays and holidays), via same mode of payment.
  10. In case of any dispute, Glutaweis reserves the right to cancel this pre-order (booking) at any time. Any issue/legal dispute arising out of pre-order shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts situated in Mumbai.
  11. The company reserves the right to cancel/modify this pre booking terms and conditions at any point in time without prior notice.
  12. Miscellaneous:

       i) The information on pre-order products and pricing displayed on the webpage of is only an invitation to offer.

      ii) Upon your confirmation and completion of the details on the quantity, price and payment method, contact method and delivery address of the pre-order products according to the instructions of the system, the order information will be generated by the system, and after you have clicked to submit the order form, this signifies that you have initiated an offer to contract with Glutaweis in accordance with the Terms. The user must complete the payment for the order within the stipulated time for the contract to be deemed effective.

     iii) The Terms shall be interpreted and governed by the laws in force of India. In the event of any dispute between both parties, a resolution of the dispute shall be negotiated under the principles of good faith; should the negotiations fail to reach a consensus, both parties hereby agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Mumbai; and to waive any objections based upon venue.